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10 July 1972

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Rock fans will doubtless be aghast to learn that, as far as Jethro Tull is concerned, they just don't rate.

The shaggy men who comprise the top British pop group flew into Sydney yesterday and solemnly pronounced:

"We don't care about the audience — as long as they don't interfere."

Ian Anderson, flautist, and the group's leader, went on:

"We've had people dancing and singing in the aisles. It means nothing to us. We get up there and just play for ourselves."

The group, pictured left, consists of (back, left to right): Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond, Martin Barre; (front, left to right): Ian Anderson, John Evan and Barrymore Barlowe [sic].

They will perform in Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. With them came 72 pieces of equipment weighing more than 5000 lb and insured for $45,000.

Said Anderson:

"I don't know about pop or rock. We are who we are, and we do what we do."


Thanks to Paul Koff for this article