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8 July 1972

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Ian Anderson, the wild man of British pop, laid it right on the line when he arrived in Melbourne yesterday.

"People who see me in Melbourne are going to wonder who that gorilla is up on the stage," the 24-year-old entertainer said. "But I really don't try to project anything. I just express the music in movement because it feels good."

Anderson was in town with his group, Jethro Tull, for a concert at Festival Hall last night and another tomorrow. Anderson is best known for his on-stage strutting and dancing which has excited female pop fans and shocked their parents. The dancing and his outlandish style of dressing won him the title of 'Pop Identity Most Disliked by Parents' in a 1970 pop poll.

Anderson said yesterday that he wouldn't describe himself as a dancer.

"I've been on stage for about four years and I guess I've developed some mannerisms," he said. "I don't even know what I look like, but occasionally I catch a look at someone in the audience — and that's interesting."

Jethro Tull won a capacity Festival Hall audience last night with slapstick and tight music. The five-man group played, sang and joked for over two hours and the audience loved it.



Thanks to Robert Jobson for this article.