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February 1981

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Music: Ian Anderson, David Palmer and Martin Barre of JETHRO TULL

Choreography: Robert North

The young boy wandering on the water's edge encounters mary Mackenzie who tells him strange and wonderful stories about the sea, its moods, and the Scottish myths and legends that surround it. The Water Horse or Kelpie, who rides off with young virgins into the waves; the Selkies, seals that become humans by shedding their skins at night and then dance and weave strange patterns on the shore, and the Mermaids, daughters of the "Fin Folk", half fish, half women, known for their siren songs and their unearthly beauty.

Narrator: John Breck
Young Boy: Leslie Morrison
Mary Mackenzie: Elaine McDonald
Water Horse: Vincent Hantam
Waves, Selkies, Mermaids and Humans: Members of the Company

THE WATER'S EDGE was first performed by the Scottish Ballet on 7th March 1979, at the Theatre Royal, Glasgow.

THE WATER'S EDGE has been recorded in Benesh Movement Notation by Diana Curry.


Thanks to Bruce Carribine for this item.