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LA BELLA advert

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Born: August 10th 1947, Dunfermline, Scotland.

Homes: Buckinghamshire, England and the Western Isles, Scotland.

Profession: Musician, Farmer.

First Musical Experience: Aquiring, aged nine, a plastic ukelele.

Major Influences: Rolling Stones, Beatles, Beethoven, American folk-blues artists and vague folk-memories of traditional British music.

Latest Musical Accomplishment: Learning after 23 years to play the bloody ukelele, and persuading our guitarist Martin Barre to give La Bella strings a try.

Keynotes: Getting support gig on Led Zeppelin U.S. Tour in 1969; No.1 Album with Thick As A Brick in 1972; 17 albums recorded and over 20 million units sold. Finding a happy mixture of old and new Tull material in concert and still enjoying it after 12 years.

Today's Music: A simplistic return in the majority of cases to the commercial cliches of earlier pop and rock with thankfully still a few artists of originality struggling through the maze of economic-based restrictions placed on progressive music.

Strings: Having used for a number of years different makes of silk and steel strings for my Martin single "O" series of guitars, vintage and modern, I have finally turned to La Bella which gives both the warm and mellow quality that I like on my guitar and the edge and clarity to last through a two hour show which, considering the degree to which I sweat, spill beer, and generally abuse my strings, is saying a great deal. I also now use La Bella mandolin strings in the studio. Now, if only La Bella made flutes .....