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20 December 1975


Jethro Tull have parted with their bass player of nearly five years' standing, Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond. He has reportedly left the band to return to painting, which has always been his principal interest. Our correspondent in Switzerland, where Jethro are at present recording, says that he has been replaced in the line-up by a young American musician named John Glasscock [sic].

Tull are in the process of recording 18 new Ian Anderson songs, from which the best 10 or 12 will be selected for inclusion on a new album, planned for May release. Anderson said in Montreux that the songs are all about people from different walks of life — an ageing rock star, a housewife, an artist, and so on. Some are sung in the first person, others in the third person, he added. Anderson also said that there are, at present, no plans for any live dates by Tull.

Hammond-Hammond played with Anderson, John Evan and Glenn Cornick in Blackpool during 1967, before Tull was born. Anderson formed Jethro the following year, but Hammond-Hammond did not join the band until early 1971, first appearing on their 'Aqualung' album.