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14 September 1974


In Los Angeles last weekend Ian Anderson gave the go-ahead for a full-scale return to concert appearances for Jethro Tull. Anderson was on his way back to the UK after a five week tour of Australia, New Zealand and Japan. The tour had been arranged to allow the group to check out their own feelings about touring again.

It is almost a year now since Tull announced their "indefinite retirement" from live appearances in September last year due to pressure of work, the restrictions of a constant touring schedule and not least the disappointment they felt after the strongly negative critical reaction to their Passion Play concert and album.

In Los Angeles, Anderson announced that his mind had been made up to return to live work by the warmth of the audience reaction the group had encountered and their won excitement at playing live again.

Ian Anderson has confirmed that Tull will tour Britain and Europe this autumn and America in 1975. Chrysalis have booked some tentative dates, pending Anderson's approval, and further venues including a London date are being negotiated.

Dates so far confirmed are: Edinburgh Usher Hall November 9, Glasgow Apollo 11, Birmingham Odeon 19 and 20, and Manchester Opera House 22.

Jethro Tull have a new album, Warchild, set for release in October. recorded in Morgan studios London, this is not the soundtrack of the film 'Warchild' on which the band have also been working but a new collection of ten songs by Ian Anderson including 'Warchild', 'Queen And Country', 'Bungle In The Jungle', 'Third Hoorah' and 'Two Fingers'.


Thanks to Mike Wain for this article, and Gerrit de Geus for confirmation of source and date.