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18 August 1973


Ah jist wanna tell ya folks that I'm not drunk. In fact ah feel complete sober apart from a slite headache. The fact is ya see, I've just come bac from a booze-up.

And ah think if ah can remember carrectly, it was a sorta selecbration party to selebrate a band called Jethro Tull, who have jist had some success in the States (or was it the US of A).

Anyhow t'cut short a long storee, the band 'ave supposidly topped ra album charts oar air with their latest album, A Passion Play.

Now ah couldna tell ya if there was enee passion at the Pontefract Castle in Wigmore Street W1 (that's where ra booze-up was) but ah do no that ra workers of Chrysalis (that's Tull's record companee) were all gettin' quickly pie-eyed on Champers, Whiskee, Gin, Martini, Water and anythin' else that was drinkable.

There was some food their as well you know, which yours truely gratefully gulped down as I hadn't eaten in 24 hours due ta pressure of work.

Now there was one guy who didn't look in the selebratin' mood and was sittin' in the corner hiddin behind a paira shades. I went oar to commiserate with the poor chap as I was in a very selebratin' mood.

Hey, I discovered it was Ian Anderson, the Jethro Tull leader of all people. I explained who I was and which paper I represented.

He wasn't very talkitive:

"There's a time and a place for interviews," he said, "and the musical press are not great friends of mine at the moment."

Aw Ian, as was just wantin' a wee chat. The way he was goin' on you'd think I was drunk or somethin'.

"I don't read Record Mirror anyway," he retorted.

Ach well that's life I sed to mayself as I downed another delicious pint!


This piece is included in the weekly 'Keeping up with Jones' page, written by Record Mirror editor Peter Jones.

Thanks to Mike Wain for this article.