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15 April 1978


JETHRO TULL: Heavy Horses (Chrysalis CHR 1175)

Further rural ramblings from Ian Anderson and co. Tull are getting so much into the mediaeval folksy bit that the heavy guitar noises in 'No Lullaby' sound totally out of place: an unwelcome (and anachronistic) intrusion.

It's all very different from the crazed 'progressive' outfit I used to know and love. In those days, Ian Anderson was the one-legged tramp in the filthy raincoat: these days he appears to be undergoing an identity crisis. On the front of the sleeve, he's the healthy peasant living off the land: on the back he's become the decadent lord of the manor. Very strange.

The album meanwhile is dedicated to horses of all shapes, sizes and breeds — a nice idea, but we might ask ourselves what's it got to do with rock 'n' roll?

Well, the answer to that is of course, not a lot — but no matter, I like it anyway. Though I must admit, musically, it's little more than a re-run of Songs From The Wood. I found it a totally charming collection of songs, but as with all sequels, the charm has worn off a little on the repeat showing.

Still, there's enough here of interest to warrant a listen or two — try out 'Moths', 'Acres Wild' or 'Weathercock'. God knows what they'll do next though — a third album on the same lines definitely WOULD be too much.



Thanks to Mike Wain for this article.