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4 March 1972


In case you didn't know already, Jethro Tull are big business. About to undertake their biggest-ever British tour, the group have just returned from Europe, where they broke house records in Berlin, Frankfurt and Rome — the records having been previously held by the Stones and Zeppelin.

The tour, which starts today (Thursday) and goes on until March 28, will also be the first British gig for new Tullman, drummer Barrie Barlow.

Barlow, who replaced Clive Bunker, has already done a couple of Jethro tours in America, where the band is now among the top half dozen rock attractions.

On the British tour, Jethro will be playing almost every day, and the sell-out reports have already started rolling in.

Portsmouth, Bristol, Birmingham, Newcastle, Norwich, Oxford, Manchester and Sheffield have all sold out at least two weeks in advance.

The Albert [Hall] reports that it will be sold out within a day or so — the only tickets they have left are those for 60p.

To tie in with the tour, Jethro this week release their cleverly-advertised and much-awaited new album Thick As A Brick.

Support group for the tour is the Irish folk duo Tir Na Nog, who played some of their earliest British dates on a Jethro tour. Since then they've added experience to their skill and have carved themselves a nice little reputation.


Thanks to Harry Auras for this article.