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2 January 1971


Despite its avowed intention of issuing only albums in future, Jethro Tull has a new single scheduled for January 15 release by Chrysalis — titled 'Lick Your Fingers Clean', it was penned by Ian Anderson. It is the group's first single since 'Witches Promise' which came out early last year and climbed to No.3 in the hit parade.

Commented Jethro's manager Terry Ellis:

"We said we would not release any more singles because it seemed then like a complete waste of time. After all, 'Witches Promise' was No.3 in the Chart, and yet it was only being played by Radio 1 every other day on average. I was really upset at the time, because when that happens you find that you completely lose faith in the medium.

"It is always difficult to get radio plays on a single, but you work on the assumption that if you are fortunate enough to make the Chart you will then get your share. But after a while, you realise that you simply can't hold out against the BBC, because that in a way is opting out of your responsibility to the public. Ian has written this new song and it's a really fantastic single — we're all very excited about it."


Thanks to Elwyn Davies for this article