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27 September 1969


A dispute between Island Records and Jethro Tull's management, Chrysalis, has resulted in the release of the group's new single being postponed. The disc will now be issued on Chrysalis' own label, which the agency had planned to introduce in November — but the launching date is being brought forward to October 10, in order to overcome the stalemate which had been reached with Island.

The NME understands Island did not consider the new Tull disc sufficiently commercial for release as a single. The onus for its sales potential is now shifted to the Chrysalis label — which, however, continues to be distributed through Island Records.

Chrysalis has for some time planned to launch its own label. This will feature all the agency's artists who are at present released through Island. Besides Jethro Tull, these include Blodwyn Pig and Clouds. As reported last week, the new Jethro single is 'Sweet Dream', penned by member Ian Anderson during the group's US tour, and recorded earlier this month — and this will now be the first release on the Chrysalis label.

Commented manager Terry Ellis:

"The new single is a heavy, rhythmic number, completely different from 'Living In The Past.' We feel it is the best record the group have made, and there is no disagreement over this. But Island doubt its acceptability as a single. On the other hand, we wish to continue the policy of releasing the best track available at any given time."

'Sweet Dream' is one of the items currently being featured by Jethro Tull in its major British concert tour which opened at Newcastle City Hall yesterday (Thursday). The success of the tour already seems assured, with the first six venues completely sold out prior to the opening night.


Thanks to Mike Wain for this article.