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18 October 1969


JETHRO TULL * Sweet Dream (Chrysalis)

This is the single Island didn't want to issue because they didn't think it commercial enough. So here it is on Chrysalis, a new label run by Jethro's enterprising young management. This review is the third time I've heard the song, a composition by Ian Anderson, and I must admit that the first time — at Chrysalis — I wasn't immediately struck by its commercial possibilities either.

The second time I heard it was on the Jethro Tull concert tour and then, seeing them doing it on stage, it began to make an impression. The third time I'm convinced that Jethro are going to do it again.

The treatment is heavier than we're heard from them on single before and because of it the rhythm and lyrics take time to get through. So do the instrumental subtleties Jethro Tull excel at — and the fact that you'll get something out of it on each listen is why it will sell.

Sadly, there's only the tiniest flicker of flute — towards the end — but it does feature strings prominently.