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12 December 1970

CORNICK HAS QUIT JETHRO — new bassist set

Following speculation which has been circulating since Jethro Tull's return from its US tour, it was officially confirmed this week that bass guitarist Glenn Cornick has quit the group. A replacement has already been found in Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond, a friend of Ian Anderson and pianist John Evan since their schooldays. "Musical differences" was the reason given for the split by the group's manager, Terry Ellis, who added:

"Glenn is now having a short holiday and, after Christmas, he will be working with friends to form a new group."

Lead guitarist Martin Barre on Tuesday confirmed the reason for Cornick's departure, and told the NME that it was "an amicable split with nothing personal behind it."

Jeffrey, Glenn's replacement, should be well known to Jethro fans from the Ian Anderson songs which refer to him in the title — 'A Song For Jeffrey', 'Jeffrey Goes To Leicester Square', 'For Michael Collins, Jeffrey And Me'. A former art student, he played bass in the first group formed by Ian Anderson and John Evan, when all three were at school together in Blackpool. Since its return from the States two weeks ago, Jethro has been rehearsing with Jeffrey and working full time on a new album.


Many thanks to Glenn Cornick for this article