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November (?) 1968

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Our Redcar staff

The club was crammed with pop fans waiting for the arrival of the chart-busting Jethro Tull group. They waited and waited ... until the management handed back their ticket money when the group failed to arrive.

Then another group was whisked into the Redcar Jazz Club to play in place of Jethro Tull, and the club leaders started yet another legal move aimed at erring pop stars.

Club chief Roger Barker said last night:

"We eventually contacted Jethro Tull and found out that the group had crashed their car on their way to Redcar. We would have sued them, but they agreed to come to Redcar at a later date at the same fee."


The group is shortly to play at Redcar, he added, and the club was on to a winner, because the group's fee has more than doubled since the first booking.

Recently the club sued the Cream group who failed to arrive at the club. The group settled out of court. But the Redcar club — one of the biggest of its kind in the country — has been let down a number of times.

Said Mr Barker:

"We have decided that if groups let us down we shall sue them. They make big money out of the clubs and it's not good enough when they let us down to get bigger fees elsewhere."


Many thanks to Glenn Cornick for this article.