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1 December 1979


San Francisco. — Jethro Tull completed a successful seven-week tour of America at Oakland Coliseum here after a series of disasters ending in the news of the death of an ex-member of the band.

John Glascock, 28-year-old bass guitarist who played on their latest album 'Stormwatch', died in London and the news reached the band just before their final US concert. Glascock, who left the band last year, had undergone open heart surgery and had left the band because of his medical condition. But he never fully recovered. News of his death shattered Tull leader Ian Anderson and other members of the band Martin Barre (guitar), Barriemore Barlow (drums) and John Evan (keyboards) who were particularly close to Glascock.

The tragedy completed a Tull tour marked by sell-out concerts but bad incidents. Anderson was badly injured in his right eye by the stem of a rose thrown by a well-meaning fan at Madison Square Garden, New York. This resulted in hospital treatment and postponed concerts. Later in the tour Ian suffered a sprained ligament and during a thorough physical check-up was told he had a heart murmur.

"I will have a proper check in Britain but I do know it's a heart valve and I'm glad to say not the heart proper," Anderson told Musicians Only. "I'm beginning to think there's something wrong with American tours for us ... the last time we came here I returned home to another funeral, that of my father. Now, it's news of John Glascock's death."

There will be a BBC TV documentary on Tull in January, and a British and European tour is planned for the spring.


Thanks to The Jethro Tull Forum for this article.