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7 July 1973


Jethro Tull have made history with their latest concert attraction — the controversial Passion Play, badly mauled by rock critics after its British premiere at Empire Pool, Wembley.

The show has sold out three shows at the Los Angeles Forum within one and a half hours of the tickets going on sale, a total of around 53,800 seats. Half of the tickets were pre-sold through mail order, but the sell-out is still claimed as 'phenomenal' by MM's LA correspondent Jacoba Atlas.

In London, Jethro Tull's headquarters were stunned by the news, and Chrysalis spokesman Roy Eldridge told the MM:

"This shows the Passion Play has become the biggest rock attraction in the world. During their current American tour they will be seen by one million people. And the group are the first ever to sell out three consecutive shows at the Forum. A fourth concert has now been scheduled."

Chrysalis claim that while the Stones, Led Zeppelin, Elvis Presley, the Who and Moody Blues have sold out two consecutive shows at the Forum — nobody had done four. Jethro's shows will be on July 18, 19, 21 and 22.

Tull's tour is in three five week sections, and they are on their second lap now. It is said to be the biggest ever coast to coast tour of arena concerts by a rock band.

Their new album A Passion Play is due for release in Britain on Friday, July 13.

Final word from Jacoba Atlas:

"Everybody in Los Angeles connected with rock and roll is stunned by the sell-out concerts. As one manager put it, the real money is in rock bands and solo artists just cannot compete. Carole King, who was thought to be a big draw, had trouble filling the Forum for her concert."


Thanks to Mike Wain for this article.