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7 February 1970

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'We'd like to play Britain'

Jethro Tull, top progressive rock band who this week leapt to number seven in the MM Pop 30 with their eight-minute single, 'Witch's Promise', go to America on February 13.

They are to record a TV spectacular in Hollywood with producer Jack Good, of British TV's Oh Boy fame, to be called Pop Goes The Symphony.


Jethro will be working with the Nice, the Los Angeles Philharmonic and 40 dancing girls.

Said their guitarist Martin Barre on Monday:

"We shall all be doing something together — but nobody knows what!"

'Witch's Promise', in three-four time, is a jazzy composition by their flute player Ian Anderson.

Says Martin: "I really like the number. I was listening to someone's radio and they said: 'Hi there pop pickers, this could be number one.' Not being a pop picker I wouldn't know. But it would be unreal if we got a number one — great!


"We are still working on our next album. We have been a bit lazy I suppose. Some of the tracks are really ace. It will be called Benefit — for everybody's Benefit I suppose.

"We are going to America twice this year and to the Continent for tours. We want to play in Britain and it depresses me that we can't play some of the smaller clubs. But that is up to our management, and we have the whole of this year planned out for us. It's frightening!"