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5 May 1973


English rock group Jethro Tull, featuring flute player Ian Anderson, in concert last night at Roberts Stadium. Also appearing were Brewer & Shipley.

Flute-playing Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull, writhing in an abundance of rock music, captivated an overflow audience last night at Roberts Stadium. The frisbees floated free and the marijuana smoke wafted in the colored lights as the English group, in its first U.S. concert for 1973, exploded onto stage and began their brutal rendition of 'Thick As A Brick'.

It took nearly 45 minutes for the sounds to finally die off from the title song of one of the group's albums. As expected, Anderson — with shoulder-length curly hair and almost insane facial expressions — was the star of the show, with his flute wailing to the beat of the drums and the pounding of the two guitars.

Anderson, dressed spryly in a pair of tight blue tights, knee boots, a silver belt and a plaid coat, used the flute as a baton to direct the band and skimmed over the stage as the music played. There was no doubt that he was in control and the degree of professionalism of the entire show — which is sometimes lacking in other performances here — made the high ticket price seem worthwhile.

The sound system for the concert was excellent and the timing of the lights precise. This was the second time that the Jethro Tull group has been in Evansville. The group was here nearly two years ago when its popularity was limited to a smaller, underground audience.

Also appearing with Jethro Tull last night were Brewer & Shipley, who would have been enjoyable to hear in concert by themselves. Their mellow harmony on such songs as 'Tarkio Road' and 'One Toke Over the Line' provided a good down-home mood which was soon shattered by the driving sound of Jethro Tull.



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