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15 December 1980


With a 15,000-acre estate on the Isle of Skye, a 500-acrre farm in Buckinghamshire and a recording studio to run in Fulham, Shona Anderson, 29, hardly needs extra work. But Shona, wife of Jethro Tull leader Ian Anderson, has just organised the building of a second studio which they will let out to pop groups. Furthermore she looks after three thoroughbred racehorses at the Radnage farm.

"We've had to bullet-proof the new studios because the windows used to be damaged by football fans going to Chelsea matches," said Shona. "We learned our lesson from the first studio.

"I'm also selling a mobile studio we own — it's a Mercedes truck called Maison Rouge. I'm hoping Ian will let me buy a horsebox with the proceeds."

Shona, the niece of Anne, Duchess of Rutland, is Anderson's second wife. They have two children[:] James, 3½, and Gael, two next week. Jethro Tull, which he started 12 years ago, has sold over 20 million albums and regularly plays to a million fans a year.